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Lewis County Road Conditions Road Conditions Introduction ( Mac or PC )

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Since Status Road City Location Notes
06/10/2014 09:50 AM CLOSED King Rd Winlock-Boistfort Sears Rd to Lake Creek Rd Closed to thru traffic 6/16/14 to 12/31/14
04/24/2014 09:06 AM CLOSED Airport Rd Chehalis Centralia city limits south to Chehalis city limits Closed to thru traffic until 5 pm on December 31, 2015; open for local access from Chehalis City Limits to milepost 0.65
03/27/2014 02:21 PM RESTRICTED Lincoln Creek Rd Rochester MP 11.91, near Lepisto Rd Bridge is restricted to one lane until fixed
08/29/2013 12:05 PM RESTRICTED Davison Rd Morton MP 0.1 bridge No overweight loads in excess of 34 tons gross per Type 3S-2, 3 axle groups; or 37 tons gross per type 3-3, 4 axle groups
07/20/2012 09:13 AM RESTRICTED Big Hanaford Rd Centralia Bridge at steam plant 16'0 height restriction
07/10/2012 08:24 AM RESTRICTED SR508 Onalaska 5 miles east of Onalaska Bridge restricted to 7 tons
11/28/2011 10:05 AM RESTRICTED Ferrier Rd Winlock MP 3.5 13 ft 9 in height restriction
11/02/2011 12:06 PM RESTRICTED Townsend Rd Cinebar MP 0.25 bridge No overweight vehicles due to deteriorating conditions - 10 tons per 2 axle, 15 tons per 3 axle, 19 tons per 4 axle. Restriction ends 12-31-2035.
11/02/2011 12:04 PM RESTRICTED Osborn Rd Ashford MP 0.25 No overweight loads
11/02/2011 12:00 PM RESTRICTED Hining Rd Winlock MP0.23 No overweight loads
11/02/2011 11:53 AM RESTRICTED Coughlin Rd Onalaska MP 0.5 bridge No overweight loads
11/02/2011 11:51 AM RESTRICTED Brim Creek Rd Vader MP 0.23 bridge No overweight loads
11/02/2011 11:50 AM RESTRICTED Big Hanaford Rd Centralia At steam plant 14'8 height restriction at coal conveyor
11/02/2011 08:56 AM CLOSED Leudinghaus Rd Chehalis area Over the Chehalis River between Meskill Rd and River Rd Bridge has been removed