Road City Status Location Map Notes
Toledo Salmon Creek Rd Toledo Closed MP 4.35, on the gravel section, 1400 ft from the end of the road Closed at milepost 4.35 from 12 am May 8, 2017 to to 6 pm May 8, 2018 or until it is fixed.
Stover Rd Randle Closed 100' from end of road Road closed 100' from end.
Koontz Rd Chehalis Closed Between N Military & Coulson Rds, over I-5 Closed to all through traffic due to damage to the overpass until 12/31/17 per Lewis County Resolution 16-104.
Coal Creek Rd Packwood Closed Cul-de-Sac @ End End of road washed out. Not passable.