Road City Status Location Map Notes
Ferrier Rd Winlock Closed MP 3.49 Closure Dates: 7:00 AM 16-OCT-23 thru 5:00 PM 30-NOV-23 Lewis County’s Contractor (Massana Construction Inc.) will complete structural repairs to the Ferrier Road Bridge over Olequa Creek. Work will include repairing damaged cross beams and sway frame, abrasive blasting, repairing paint, bridge cleaning, painting steel surfaces, and other related work that requires full use of the bridge deck. A traffic detour over existing Lewis County and City of Winlock public roads will be put in place for the anticipated duration of construction with additional days included for potential weather that may prevent on-site painting.
Uden Rd E. Glenoma Restricted Road Restrictions Conventional Tires Tubeless or Special With .5 Marking Size Gross Load Size Gross Load Width Tire Each Tire Width Tire Each Tire 7.00* 1800 lbs. 8-22.5* 1800 lbs. 7.50 1800 lbs. 9-22.5 1900 lbs. 8.25 1900 lbs. 10-22.5 2250 lbs. 9.00 2250 lbs. 11-22.5 2750 lbs. 10.00 2750 lbs. 11-24.5 2750 lbs. 11.00** 3000 lbs. 12-22.5** 3000 lbs. * And Under ** And Over