Road City Status Location Map Notes
Big Hanaford Rd Centralia Restricted Bridge at steam plant 16'0 height restriction
Big Hanaford Rd Centralia Restricted At steam plant 14'8 height restriction at coal conveyor
Brim Creek Rd Vader Restricted MP 0.23 bridge No overweight loads
Ceres Hill Rd Chehalis Closed MP 3.77-MP 4.16 Road closed March 29, 2021 to June 28, 2021, Ceres Hill Rd shall be closed to all traffic due to a landslide between MP 3.77 to 4.16.
Davison Rd Morton Restricted MP 0.1 bridge No overweight loads in excess of 34 tons gross per Type 3S-2, 3 axle groups; or 37 tons gross per type 3-3, 4 axle groups
Ferrier Rd Winlock Restricted MP 3.5 13 ft 9 in height restriction
Hining Rd Winlock Restricted MP0.23 No overweight loads
Ingalls Rd Rochester/Centralia Restricted MP 2.11 near Lincoln Creek Rd :No loads over 105,500 lbs without permission from the County Engineer. He will need to review the axle configuration. Call Public Works at 360-740-1123, Ext. 1123.
Kiona Rd Randle Restricted MP 0.652 Water over roadway. Passable.
Osborn Rd Ashford Restricted MP 0.25 No overweight loads
Peters Rd Randle Restricted MP 0.5 to MP 1.0 Water over roadway. Passable.
PETERS RD RANDLE Restricted Water over roadway, passable.
Roswell Rd Centralia Restricted MP 0.363 and MP 0.394 Water over roadway, passable.
Salzer Valley Rd Centralia Closed MP 5.350 Both lanes are closed at the slide area near MP 5.350 on Salzer Valley Rd. The detour route is Grimes Rd to Seminary Hill to Little Hanaford Rd to Salzer Valley.
Stover Rd Randle Closed 100' from end of road Road closed 100' from end.
Teitzel Rd Centralia Restricted MP 0.742 Water over roadway.
Temple Rd Randle Restricted Between Hwy 12 & Davis Lake Rd Road over roadway, passable.
Townsend Rd Cinebar Restricted MP 0.25 bridge No overweight vehicles due to deteriorating conditions - 10 tons per 2 axle, 15 tons per 3 axle, 19 tons per 4 axle. Restriction ends 12-31-2035.